How to Pay for My Orders?

You may feel confused about the payment procedure on the platform when your orders are synced, imported, or created. Please find the detailed process below for your guidance.

The general steps:
1. Imported Orders > Select the orders > Add to cart;
2. Click "Cart" or enter the Cart section > Select the orders > Submit;
3. Order Confirmation > Submit;
4. Select the payment method > Pay.

1. Order Confirmation: Here is the detailed information about the order, including the products/packaging deducted and all the cost. 
2. Payable Amount: The total amount that you need to pay. 
3. If you choose "Pay", it refers to that you will pay for the orders directly without deduction.

If you cancel the payment halfway or go back to the previous pages during the process, you can find the orders in Orders > Orders Fulfillment to pay. Please pay attention to the time for Inventory Reserved. It means that we will reserve the inventory for you for 24 hours after you cancel the payment.