How to Post a Sourcing Request on MutualDropshipping?

You can post a sourcing request if you cannot find your desired products or matched results for your store products, which is one of the most vital services MutualDropshipping can provide. Once successfully sourced, you can connect and list the sourced result to your store. Sourcing requests will be handled within 24 hours.

You can post sourcing requests:
1. From My Account > Products > Sourcing;

Sourcing requests can be posted for 
1. Store Existing Product;
2. Individual Product.

Here are the specific steps for posting sourcing requests From My Account > Account > Sourcing:

After clicking the 'Post Sourcing Request' button, you can choose to source for Store Existing Product/Individual Product.

1. Store Existing Product: The product already exists in your authorized store but there is no matched result found on Mutual Dropshipping.

Select store > Sync > Choose Product Tag > Select Product (multiple selections available) > Commit to post sourcing request for your store products.  

2. Individual Product: You can also post a sourcing request for a product unable to be found in neither your store nor MutualDropshipping. 

Target price means the price you're willing to pay for the sourced product.

*Product URL is required, and a link from Taobao, AliExpress, or 1688 is more likely to lead to sourcing success.

Sourcing Status:

You can check the status of your sourcing requests in My Account> Sourcing

Contact us for any further questions.