What Payment Methods Are Available Now?

There are 2 payment methods that Mutual Dropshipping would accept currently. Now, we'll give you an introduction to them.   

  1. Wire Transfer (T/T);
  2. Payoneer;



1. Wire Transfer (T/T)

Wire transfer is the transfer of funds done electronically across the network of banks or transfer agencies around the world.


a. You could view our bank account information when you click the "Pay" button.

b. Our payment must be received in the total amount. Please also take into account the additional transfer fee.

c. We would not process until we confirm having received your payment. Please contact your agent if it's still on pending status after 5 days.

d. It only takes 2 or 3 days for the transfer to arrive if your bank has a direct correspondence with our bank.


It's the most recommended payment method in MutualDropshipping. You can link your Payoneer to Mutual Dropshipping so that you don't need to log in for each payment. While making the payment, it will show your account balance, and please make sure the balance is more than the order amount.