Mutual Dropshipping Refund and Reshipment Policy

  • 1. The order is lost during in the case that the order is lost by shipping carrier according to the last tracking number update, dropshipper can request either refund or reship.
  • 2. The product is damaged or incorrect. In the case that customer claims that the product is damaged or incorrect, dropshipper can request either refund or reship within 5 days of the order delivery date. Dropshipper should provide proof (such as photo or video)
  • 3. The order is missingIn the case that the order is marked as delivered but customer claims they didn’t receive it, the customer should contact the local post carrier office in the delivery country and report the issue. The dropshipper can request a refund if dropshipper fully refunded the customer and dropshipper should provide a refund proof so we could process the refund.
  • 4. Late shipment or delay on delivery any shipping company. In the case that tracking number don’t have any update for 30 days, dropshipper can request refund or reship, we do suggest customer wait a bit with patience, due to current shipping delays caused by COVID-19.
  • 5. Delivery problems caused by customer. In the case that shipping delay or delivery failure caused by incorrect address, incorrect phone number, or other factors caused by recipient, Mutual Dropshipping does not offer refund or reshipment, and is not responsible for extra service fee caused. We suggest customer contact last-mile shipping carrier for another delivery attempt. If delivery fails and last-mile carrier returns the parcel to processing center (processing warehouse/ processing hub), Mutual Dropshipping can arrange redelivery attempt at cost of 10 USD per parcel, and the delivery time will be decided by the local warehouse hub in the delivery country.
  • 6. Force majeure. Mutual Dropshipping is not responsible for shipment issues caused by force majeure, such as natural disaster, strikes, lockdown or war outbreak ” Snow storm for example”.
  • 7. Mutual Dropshipping do not handle returns. In the case of delivery failure and last-mile delivery carrier returns the package to processing center (processing warehouse/ processing hub), Mutual Dropshipping can arrange redelivery attempt at cost of 10 USD per parcel, or the package will be trashed.

How to Request Refund or Reshipment

Dropshippers must send the refund or reship request within 5 days of the order marked as delivered according to tracking number.

Mutual Dropshipping customer care DEP will check your request and will issue refund or arrange reshipment, if the proofs are valid. During the process, Mutual Dropshipping might ask for more information and dropshipper should provide it within two business days.

How Mutual Dropshipping Process of Refund and Reship

Refund process

After Mutual Dropshipping accepts the refund request, it takes 2-5  business days for internal team to process the refund.

The money will be refunded to the original payment method. After Mutual Dropshipping doing the refund,

The payment service provider might charge transaction fees or handling fees, and Mutual Dropshipping is not responsible for it.

Reship process

After Mutual Dropshipping accepts the reshipment request, Mutual Dropshipping will start to purchase and process within 2 business days, in case of no stock available from the product.

Mutual Dropshipping will make decision on the shipping option, and it might be different from the original shipping option. Tracking will be provided to the dropshipper after the reshipment done.

Redelivery attempt for failure caused by customer providing incomplete or incorrect address

Mutual Dropshipping and its shipping partners thrive to deliver parcels according to shipping addresses provided. However, when customer provided incorrect or incomplete shipping information (for example address without phone number), it might lead to unsuccessful delivery, and the package will be returned to delivery hub. Usually the delivery hub with last-mile carrier will make another delivery attempt. If still fails to deliver, the package will be further returned to processing warehouse, from where Mutual Dropshipping can arrange the final redelivery attempt at cost of 10 USD.

Mutual Dropshipping is not responsible for unsuccessful delivery caused by customer providing incorrect or incomplete shipping information. We strongly recommend you to advice customer to contact last-mile delivery carrier to arrange redelivery, which is usually free of charge; While Mutual Dropshipping can help to arrange redelivery attempt at fixed cost of 10 USD per redelivery attempt.

Mutual Dropshipping customer care Team will ask dropshipper for updated shipping address as soon as get delivery failure notification from carrier. Please respond to Mutual Dropshipping with correct shipping address within three business days.

For example, with contactless delivery, delivery person calls the recipient prior. If no phone number was provided, incorrect phone number was provided, or the recipient doesn’t answer, it will be marked as unsuccessful delivery and the parcel will be returned to delivery hub.

Customer Care email :